Mixed Feelings

Classes begin today. Summer is over. The 2015-16 academic year has commenced. How do my students feel about summer ending and classes beginning? How do I feel about that? What about you? I suspect many of us experience mixed emotions during the transition from summer to another academic year.

Bummed & Excited

Bummed. I enjoyed one of the best “breaks” ever. I was on sabbatical in spring. It was productive yet restful. Sabbatical was followed by a wonderful summer spent kayaking, biking, and hosting friends and family in the Adirondacks. I’ve worked and played hard; there’s much to be said for making your own schedule. Last week my biggest calendar questions were “What do I feel like working on today?” and “Should I ride my bike before or after I draft that proposal?” Tomorrow, I’ll be the classroom for the first time since December.

Excited. While I’m a bit sad about summer ending, I must also confess that I’m looking forward to getting back to teaching. I have missed it. I scan my rosters and see last names I recognize, siblings of former students perhaps? I am filled with anticipation. So many possibilities. I am excited about learning with and from my students.  Will my plans work as I hope? Will the changes I’ve made increase learning? What surprises, good and not so good, loom?

As the term progresses I’m going to be hard pressed to find the time to blog. My fall is packed with an overload teaching schedule, a couple of workshops, conferences, mentoring, and a search committee. For now, the plan is keep writing, but not necessarily blogging. There will be gaps when I get bogged down and leaps when I feel compelled to post. I’ve learned so much and I hope readers have learned a bit or found things to ponder or question from my musings. Until next time…


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